pro grade, hand split, ash and maple billets. Meet the father-son duo making handcrafted wooden bats by Today Show/NBC Universal – Matthew Rollins and his father, Eddie, are the father-son duo behind Anchor Bat Company, making handcrafted wooden bats that have even been used by the big leagues. WSMK27 (MATT KEMP MODEL) WOOD BAT. JUSTIN UPTON WSJU8Y YOUTH CUSTOMIZABLE PRO SIGNATURE WOOD BAT. Wood bats are baseball bats made primarily out of Maple or Birch. We offer custom wood bats, training bats, and lifestyle apparel. In 2001, this led to 35 homers and 127 RBI's. The price of our bats cannot be matched. Anywhere there's fat to trim, we start hacking away to get you the best deals. Adult Wood Bats. Each bat is then individually turned, custom painted and personalized. High quality, fully customized wood bats. Here at Ox Wood Bat Co. in Pekin, Illinois, I will ensure each and every wood bat sold will be a bat I would have loved to use myself. Professional quality wood bats. GLOVE OPTIONS RANGE FROM STOCK GLOVES TO CUSTOMIZING YOUR OWN PERSONAL HERD GLOVE. In 2019 Chandler Bats was acquired by YC52, LLC with the goal of helping Chandler Bats expand past Major League Baseball to college play and beyond. It all started in Jack Marucci's backyard shed. The mills have to take longer to cut them, but the quality is unquestionable. WRIST PADDING IS MADE FROM 100% SHEEP FUR FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT. Professional custom wood baseball bats. With our Custom Baseball Bat Builder, you can customize your Premium Baseball Bat, Pro Select Baseball Bat or Youth Baseball Bat exactly like you want it. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Outlaw Custom Wood Bats. END OF YEAR SALE GOING ON NOW "OFFICIAL" BAT. Fullycustomize your bat and stand out at the plate. Players prefer maple as it is known for being the hardest wood and having tightest grain. He would turn out wood bats for his son in his spare time and always had a passion for woodworking. All by hand, one at a time by the Vullo family. Every bat is made from the finest wood available to bat makers. Our custom maple and ash bats are known to be of the highest quality and milled to exacting specifications. Led by former Quincy University star & San Diego Padres draft pick Jason Rakers, we consistently deliver quality bats with your name and your colors to fit your swing. Welcome to Beltway Bat Company. A suggestion if you like the flex of ash but would prefer the longevity of maple, try birch wood. Herd Gloves- Herd Gloves are of the highest quality made by a glove maker with 40+ years experience. Buffalo Bat custom prime bats are custom made to order using pro quality wood. Our location, state of the art manufacturing processes, and strict attention to detail enables us to provide the … Pro Player Inquiries (English) – Email Stay True to the Game. Custom wood bats for all level of players- from youths to adults; from amateurs to the PROS! Superior Bat Company makers of the A-Bat.custom wood bats tailored to your hitting style. ©2019 by Ox Wood Bat Company. Pros swing a variety of bat companies but when it comes down to it, it is a personal preference of which bat company you like the best. Offering 3 models with limited The Finest Wooden Bats Making The Finest Wooden Bats Since 1992. We also provide bat tape (Elite Custom Wraps). A key Viper Advantage over the competition is the quality of our wood. Investing in a wood baseball bat can be a scary idea originally, since they could break when swung incorrectly. Herd Gloves- Made from 100% Mexican Bovine leather and 100% Sheep Fur under wrist padding, these glove are everything a ball player is looking for. That was due to the extensive vacuum drying and milling process necessary to make a bat light enough and strong enough to use. BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL GLOVES ARE AVAILABLE FROM CATCHERS GLOVES TO OUTFIELD GLOVES SO ORDER YOURS TODAY. AT ALL AGES AND LEVEL OF PLAY… ONE BAT AT A TIME. Warstic Sports, Inc. is an independent, USA-based, direct-to-consumer focused sporting goods brand focused on hard-goods for stic-based sports. Buffalo Bats Youth Select models make ordering easy. PRO CUSTOM WOOD BATS. The top two best wood baseball bats on our list are Warstic and Marucci. These are completely customizable bat grips that are durable and comfortable. Custom made pro baseball and softball bats. At Walkoff Wood Bat Co., we specialize in turning and customizing your favorite wood bat models. Wood Bats: Reserve Maple and Ash Billets At OTW Bat Co. we craft our custom wood bats with only the finest RESERVE grade Maple and Ash billets available in North America. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. At TAT2 Bat Co. each wood bat is crafted one at a time so that each bat gets the attention it needs to become one of the best in the game. (This Is Not A Mass Produced Product). DURABLE YET SOFT LEATHER MAKES FOR EASY BREAK IN TIME. Quality. As the saying goes, "If you can hit with wood, you can certainly hit with metal.". Warstic Sports, Inc. is an independent, USA-based, direct-to-consumer focused sporting goods brand focused on hard-goods for stic-based sports.