Shot Placement on Whitetail Deer Millions of hunters across the United States of America a over the past 10 years have drawn their focus on the whitetail deer. It’s thick muscle, but no match against a modern compound bow (especially on whitetail-sized critters). Anywhere you can shoot a deer with a bow you can shoot with a firearm. Lowering the Wounding rate should be a top priority for every bow hunter. A deer shot neatly through both shoulders isn’t going anywhere. There is no substitute for good shot placement. Shot Placement. On the down side this shot needs a bullet that’s heavy enough to blow through a substantial bone before expanding. She died within 15 yards. Just aim for the middle of the lung area. Where To Shoot A Deer. This tends to damage a lot of prime meat around the shoulders and upper backstrap. Online Tool For Best Shot Placement - This page features an online tool that compares your shot placement with shots of other deer hunters Bow Hunting Shot Placement - Nice in-depth article on the best shot placement with a bow. : Wounding rate is a percentage of animals shot but not recovered. A liver shot deer may take off at any pace, with its tail up or down, but will usually bed down after a short distance. However, a lung-shot attempt that hits too far back may only pierce the liver, which can result in a much slower death and more difficult to … As such, all should know where to shoot a deer with a bow. The overall effect is a loss of hunts and inhumane kills. A well-placed lung shot will cause the deer to suffocate to death. The shoulder is NOT the best place to shoot a deer if you are hunting with a bow. Broadheads kill by inflicting massive hemorrhaging, so shot placement is critical. February 05, ... On a deer, if you aim at the sweet spot and miss your target by four inches high, low, or forward, you merely wound the deer. A matador kills the bull at the end of the faena by threading a sword just by the spine, down through the shoulder … Proper shot placement on whitetail deer. Like with a bow and for the same reasons, the best place to shoot a deer in almost all situations with a firearm is in the ribcage when presented. Plenty of deer have been taken while walking directly under bowhunters' stands, and some actually like the "straight down through the shoulder blades" shot. A high shot hits the spine or shoulder blade, a low shot clips the brisket; and a forward shot hits the shoulder or leg bone. Blood trailing deer after a liver shot is probably the trickiest of all hits. Just the other day, I shot a quartering-away doe and shattered the humerus on the off side. Cleaving a deer’s vitals with a razor-sharp broadhead delivers a quick, humane kill. A hit too far forward will penetrate thick muscle and possibly heavy bone, while a shot too far rearward can make a recovery difficult because it usually causes slower deaths. The reverse is not true. If not disturbed, the deer … For that matter, the shoulder bones themselves aren’t that difficult to break on a deer, either. Whether you shoot a .30-06 or a .375 H&H Mag, if you don’t hit vital organs, you won’t consistently or reliably kill deer. Most novices do not know where to shoot a deer with a bow. N.B. In fact whitetail deer hunting is the number one big game animal currently pursued by American hunters. A perfect opportunity to make an ethical shot on this deer. Best Shot Placement, With Diagram - This article discusses shot placement, with a very nice diagram of the deer with vital organs shown - print this one out! Shot Placement For Treestand Bowhunters. A lung shot with a bow is often as effective as a heart shot. Many deer are pushed due to a premature recovery attempts with a liver shot deer.