10% * The % Daily Value (DV) … Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery From the Green Mountains of Vermont, where our family farmers are tending the goats and cows, Vermont Butter & Cheese Company’s artisan techniques produce the finest Goat Cheese, Crème Fraiche and European-style Cultured Butter in the country. Maple butter is made from pure Vermont maple syrup and has been loved by Vermonters for generations. Our new sea salt and unsalted cultured butter are available in stick form, so they are even easier to use for cooking and baking. We cover the state’s hospitals, the state’s psychiatric care system, the Green Mountain Care Board, insurers, state health care policy, Medicaid and Medicare. Vermont Creamery. Allgau Grass Fed German Butter . 86% Butterfat Cultured Butter Rolls and Baskets. Our expert buttermakers carefully add live bacterial cultures to fresh Vermont cream. Black Truffle Butter. Isigny. Ploughgate Creamery pairs European tradition with fresh Vermont cream to make small-batch, artisanal, cultured butter. 40%. We have found the ideal length is approximately 800 to 1,000 words. Vermont Creamery is the premier dairy producer in Websterville vermont. For over 30 years, Vermont Creamery has made it our mission to bring the highest quality goat cheese, creme fraiche and cultured butter to American tables. Reggio Emilia. Grab a nice deal on Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter at Publix. Early in the pandemic, butter makers faced the same obstacles as other dairy producers: Sales to schools, hospitals, and — most importantly — restaurants dropped sharply as those establishments shut their doors or filled fewer wholesale orders. Our cultured butter also comes in the rolls and baskets and are deliciously cultured and churned in small batches to 86% butterfat for an even richer butter taste. Vermont Creamery Previously known as the Vermont Butter and Cheese Company, the company adopted its current name in 2013. There are seven licensed butter-makers in the state, according to E.B Flory, dairy section chief of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. Try cheeses such as Bonne Bouche and Cremont or the company’s fresh chevre. It’s nutty, rich and … After pasteurization, our expert butter makers carefully add live bacterial cultures to our fresh Vermont cream. Kutzer believes the increased demand can be attributed not only to people cooking and baking more at home, but also to an appreciation for local ingredients. Vermont Creamery, Websterville, Vermont. After pasteurization, the cream is fermented by adding a carefully selected bacterial culture. Shop for Meats, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and Of The Month Clubs. If I'm being honest, I'm a little bit annoyed that Bordier butter came out on top. Making cultured butter is much like making wine, you want to ferment your cream like your grapes, slowly, to produce the best aromas. James is a senior at Middlebury College majoring in history and Spanish. Many of you told us you picked up a sourdough starter or tried your hand at new pastries. 1/4 cup lard (or shortening) 1/4 cup cold water. Refrigerate for up to 2 months of freeze for 4 months. Cultured butter is made in the European-style with pasteurized cream in a churn just like regular butter, but with one added step. by Vermont Creamery. We're taking some extra precautions due to COVID-19, and our offices are currently closed to visitors. Fond O Foods. Vermont Creamery's types of butter come in a round log shape. Vermont Creamery Herb Goat Log 4 oz. “For butter makers in Vermont, their markets have come back and have come back well.”. 30mg. Careers at Vermont Creamery Our cheeses and butter have won hundreds of national and international awards. Check butter every 5 seconds so that it does not over-soften or melt. The longer you culture — the better. For more than 30 years, Vermont Creamery’s artisanal techniques produce fine, fresh aged goat cheeses, creme fraiche and European-style cultured butter. It’s soft, fine with smooth and rich taste even being unsalted. The butter is delicious on rolls, toast, etc. He is currently editor at large at the Middlebury Campus, having previously served as managing editor, news editor and in several other roles there. Vermont Butter & Cheese Company Cultured Butter. 0.00g. Year after year, Vermont Creamery (formerly Vermont Butter and cheese company) surprises us by outdoing themselves with more spectacular cheeses. Vermont maple butter is delicious on toast, waffles, ice cream. That's why we offer Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter, made the old-fashioned way with an imported French culture to 'ripen' the best fresh Vermont cream before it is churned into butter with 86% butterfat. $14.97. Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche 4oz. Butter, once exposed to air, may become darker in color and have the flavor affected. 110 % Daily Values* Total Fat. Fresh Vermont cows’ cream from the St. Albans Coop is received at the Creamery and pasteurized. This product is … Vermont Creamery makes high-quality goat cheese, aged cheese, cultured butter and culinary cheese and cream. Our education reporter is Tiffany Pache. “We’ve seen a nice increase over previous years in that area.”. Vermont Creamery Since the 80’s, Vermont Creamery has been a growing operation. Flavored Butter. Top positive review. We recommend following the "Keep Refrigerated" directions printed on the labels of Vermont Creamery Butter and using by the date stamped on the package.  Once opened, store butter in the refrigerator, wrapped or in a covered butter dish. Fresh Vermont cows’ cream from the St. Albans Coop is received at the Creamery and pasteurized. Cow’s milk and cream come from St. Albans Cooperative Creamery, a Vermont co-op of 500 family dairy farms that have made an rBGH-free pledge. Blueberry Lemon Muffin with Crunchy Streusel Topping. Once the butter has been thawed, it should be used within 30 days. In an industry where much stays the same, Vermont Creamery is taking off. All commentaries must include the author’s first and last name, town of residence and a brief biography, including affiliations with political parties, lobbying or special interest groups. James was a reporter this summer at the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting and earlier was an intern at the Addison County Independent. Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter is European-style, meaning that it has live bacterial cultures added to ferment for a slightly tangy flavor. 12 tablespoons unsalted European style butter (1 1/2 sticks), cut into 1/2-inch cubes, I use Vermont Creamery European Cultured Butter with 86% butterfat. How are ratings calculated? Come browse our cheese, cultured butter, culinary cremes, recipes, and … Danish Butter. Creamy British Butter Lightly Salted. We purchase our cows' milk and cream from the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery. The shortbread crust is made with Vermont Creamery’s Unsalted Cultured Butter, which I love for its delightful tang and rich, silky notes of buttermilk and hazelnut. We cover state elections, the Vermont Legislature, the governor’s office, state agencies and major political parties. It was founded in 1984 by business partners Allison Hooper and Bob Reese. In fact, Tebbetts says Vermont Creamery is working on a $12-15 million dollar plant expansion in response to butter production. US-based Vermont Creamery produces two versions: butter sticks of 82% fat, and the European style roll in 86% fat. “Butter has been an interesting story this year because people have done a lot of comfort baking and started making a lot more food at home,” said Laura Ginsburg, agricultural development section chief for Vermont’s Agency of Agriculture. Delitia. After pasteurization, our expert butter makers carefully add live bacterial cultures to our fresh Vermont cream. Started by Allison Hooper and Bob Reese, this small dairy turned goat cheese powerhouse is an award-winning cheese company known for original creations like Bonne Bouche and Cremont.