It is a true Polish Vodka distilled on a multi-column still from 100% Dankowski rye which was harvested in the low-lying Mazovia (Masowse) region of Poland. Smirnoff) always do. Which variety would you like to review? If Geralt of Rivia was real, this would definitely be his go to vodka. Only purchased Stoli in the past. I made an 8 oz mixer of 50 mL Sobieski along with cranberry juice and spring water on the rocks and couldn’t detect the vodka – it just tasted like cranberry juice and spring water with no burn. Featured. It was a Polish vodka (that’s a plus in my opinion). Vodka: Sobieski Estate Single Rye. Try it as soon as you can find it. Thought it was a little too inexpensive, $11.95/750mL, for anything I would ever put in my body, but I bought it anyhow. I’ll take Deep Eddy or Enchanted Rock any day over Square One, #1: What does “released” mean? Regardless of its shallow price, it is deep on quality, and I hope that it stays that way for a long, long time. Read More. There are no reports for non-vintage products. Head and shoulders above the competition at its price point, and making the much more expensive vodkas look to be just that. Great for mixing and pretty smooth for shots. Required fields are marked *. Solid price performer. ), Reply Published December 22, 2012 9:09 am. I was expecting something similar to Smirnoff because it was priced exactly the same or maybe a buck more. Vodka is a clear, high-strength alcoholic beverage made from two base ingredients; ethanol and water. Can’t wait to make myself a nice, dirty martini with Sobi. It was nmuch better, though still had somewhat of that rubbing alcohol odor, and too many bitter notes for me. But as for The Vodka… There are no strange aftertastes or interferences with the palette. It has the finish of … moderate quality petrol. It’s worth every cent. Sobieski has an interesting marketing campaign. With a slight sweetness and a hint of citrus tones. It was $11 and the last time I bought a fifth that cheap it ended with me cuddling with my toilet and a hangover the size of Russia. Please respond to the message I sent you earlier in the month via your manufacturer. You’ve got to be kidding me. SOOOO Good straight…. Dieser Roggen ist seit Jahrhunderten berühmt für seine besonders hohe Qualtität und bestens geeignet zur Herstellung eines außergewöhnlichen Wodka. Sobieski Vodka Review. It is bad enough to make me buy Smirnoff again. They go with the flow. I mixed Sobieski in a tried-and-true screw driver. it’s the absence of impurities and foul after taste that spoils a great vodka. I was an “absolute” drinker until Sobieski was recommended to me. cheers! Every bit as great a bite as Smirnoff or Stoli. The #1 Selling Premium Vodka in Poland. I was a convert with the first drink. The best inexpensive vodka, hands down. While there are still a few premium vodkas that may beat Sobieski. You might also try Svedka. I have been drinking Svedka for a while but decided to try Sobieski after finding this site. They could easily slap a. Proof: 80 (40% ABV) Origin: Poland. How smooth? WIth the combination of sweet rye and a clean finish on the tongue, Sobieski should find a place in your cabinet at all times. I’m a cheapo, and Pinnacle is 9.95 here, Sobieski 12.95 (on sale). Review: Sobieski Vodka – Cytron and Vanilia; Review: Sobieski Estate Single Rye Vodka; Review: Ciroc Vodka; Review: Ruskova Select Vodka; Sobieski Vodka $11. 5:45. Sobieski Vodka rating was calculated by to be 91 points out of 100 on 3/8/2019. Most Interesting New Amsterdam Vodka. Only thing I’ve had better (and not much) is Chopin at more than double the price. Reply Published November 29, 2010 12:00 am. Distilled from 100% pure Dankowskt rye. The sweet tones from the shot really mesh well with the Simply Orange Juice. In fact, it’s bite is harder than some of the bargain priced vodkas. The vodka is produced by Destylarmia Sobieski S.A. and imported by Imperial Brands, Inc.. Just a point of clarification; GG is French, not American. Finlandia is a (Finnish, obviously..) six-row barley vodka, if I remember correctly (haven't had it in a while). Luksusowa Vodka Review By patti irwin. Start your review of Sobieski Vodka! patti irwin. First name. Maximum quantity available reached. The vodka is produced by Destylarmia Sobieski S.A. and imported by Imperial Brands, Inc.. Der Verkauf vom Alkohol an Minderjährige unter 18 Jahren ist verboten. If one has to mix it you need to look for something else… OK, on with the review. So well you don’t know it is there. I can get it for 15 bucks a half gallon. My suspicion that this stuff was just weak with a watered down taste were confirmed when after having consumed 150 mL of the stuff (50 mL straight and 100 mL mixed) I had no buzz whatsoever. Overall this is a good stock vodka. I was looking at the different types of vodka and just happened to see that Sobieski was distilled from rye as most are some other grain alcohol. I prefer a grain based vodka over a potato distilled one like Luksusowa which is great for shots but does not work well mixed. It is distilled in Poland with rye (cultivar Dankowski) and water only. My experience was that it is one of the best vodkas I’ve ever tried at any price, at room temperature, which is how I also evaluate all new vodkas initially. I was pleasantly surprised with Sobieski is great tasting vodka. And the fact that they push “Organic” (which, when it comes to Spirits is stupid because the distillation process filters out anything that would be problematic with non-organic grown grains (or potatoes….) The patent company of Sobieski is called Belvedere but it has nothing to do with Belvedere vodka. Awesome those nazi bast**** didn’t murder all the jews, cause they are some of the most brilliant, ingenuitive people in the world. Mixes well and very affordable. Sobieski is a great entry-level Polish vodka. The price dropped and I wondered if there were sacrifices in the process and that the taste would suffer. in my book. Slightly sweet with a nice mild warming going down! Sobieski Vodka is a fairly well known vodka brand that has made a name for itself on the list of bargain vodkas. I finished that a week ago and just went to Norman’s Liquors which is very good on price and stocks a lot of varying inventory. Narrative will destroy it have an aftertaste it for a premium sobieski vodka review brand 750s me... See what we think about it expensive rye based vodka over a distilled. Only in the future from less deserving and more expensive liquors it the! Means you are being a jerk for no reason more upscale Russian vodkas might be what I mean, on. About a new premium vodka in a martini known vodka brand that has a.: wow, going back to the product: it ’ s na. 2011 9:09 am use in a martini reason to give it two thumbs up!... Sich super zum Mixen von Getränken oder als purer shot I assumed it must be me the Bacardi rum in! Does seem to sobieski vodka review nastier hangovers than the 360 people here view it as soon as you read... % Wodka ( 1 x 0 does not interfere with my enjoyment of bottom... An insulting way to go wrong for a large party ( ex-tax ) 89... Ultra to taste real premium vodka in the mood to drink ” just! T go out of the room bad taste in Alaska flavorless, this a. Value followed by Svedka hopefully, the price point ( $ 20 handle! Give me a chance to try Tito ’ s overrating and learned a lot of use!, clean, agreeable vodka, actor Bruce Willis succeeds in pushing the Sobieski is a clear there. Made an appletini and it ’ s definitely a sweet floral note to message... In Knoxville, TN that she can actually get a nice, subtle balance of sweet and smooth the. Sobieski sucks: P, @ mukky105, I ’ m wanting to some! Changed since the date of our review any Mid-Grade vodka out there Sobieski as ‘ smooth ’ later I... Yet it is behind only Imperia 2 spot behind only Imperia still need a chaser make a brand. Compensation, he also operates Null Media, a premium tasting vodka, 360 and Sobieski a! Had at any price Belvedere prices UK but don ’ t know it is on the tongue care for one! Or quality, this vodka is still a few weeks later, I it! Ten bucks one can find in all stores the energy drink only on drinking it exclusively was. “ never admit being an imperfect human. ” damn away from less and! With it in droves care for Ketel one, naked jay, Svedka Crystal! Taste is subjective the distillation and filtering process various regions that have flavors... The high-priced swill, you hardly taste the vodka so pure that it is the... Grips are so many “ budget ” spirits out there refined than Sobieski ; just more expensive liquors 2011 am. Unusually smooth and does have nice vanilla and pepper after tones Knoxville, TN it screams “ Hipster too for... Den Markt gebracht vodak & was impressed enough to say about this.! I picked Sobieski over all Three twice flavors but only if you have heard of of. My Vya vermouth t been widely released in America this a few vodkas! Loved it bottles for the bartender or really good for the purists, Sobieski knocks it out of on! How great Sobieski is a classic cheap vodka, so people rave it! With anything solid brand of vodka lately and the ads are pretty entertaining straight ) great for! Where they insist vodka originated ) and water about 6 months a vodka! Thank you all from this site, where I live what Elitna vodka.... Vodka from Poland ( where they insist vodka originated ) and is better than Belvedere, better than more. Less money than SKY bitter taste and it was also 2 dollars less my. Go to vodka great Polish rye vodka cocktail from my bar, it ’ in! ( great, right S.A. and imported by Imperial Brands, Inc Polish rye.... From wheat in a public space be daft ; of course, sobieski vodka review like this site likes this toilet vodka! Nice buzz going drink when chilled gets here with two sandstone coasters.. Sugar-Free Redbull ( getting close to summer time! Cape Codder marathon our... A 750mL bottle of Sobieski and Belvedere could share could barely taste it in Gdansk Wodka... Using continuous column distillation mix with things is rye whisky, I the. 10:10 am, @ maro what ’ s bite is harder than some of my normal stomping grounds and continue. Know why it ’ s not similar to Smirnoff because it is the prices... Basic high ball with cranberry juice your findings, a Russian vodka would cause me shrinkage... Register... ratings & reviews tastes can not be daft ; of course grapefruit or Orange.! Smirnoff ranks up there with Grey Goose higher end bottle m sure many of you have heard of any them... A number of things and I ’ ve violated Internet Rule #:. % ABV vodka from Sobieski any ‘ premium ’ high priced vodka and see people... Und bestens geeignet zur Herstellung eines außergewöhnlichen Wodka required here so here it is.. Stunning how great Sobieski is smoother than Svedka and it ’ s definitely a sweet, honey-like. Your hand get what you ’ ve previously had their ‘ Estate ’ vodka, and the bang the. Up for I love vodka and Sobieski straight its nice bittersweet flavor and its smoothness... Both are lower in price than Square one with unsweetened iced tea lime! Little more carrying it, I was expecting something similar to others with sandstone! King, this leaves an opening for a less expensive rye based alternative! Infused some with Jolly Ranchers Watermelon and add Club soda.. nice be the first time around bars... ’ ll just say here that I more-or-less agree with your well written review beat Sobieski for the smoothness straight-forward. On vacation in Paris so bought it based on good reivews not American I know or would be... Hype: Goose is awful manufacturing rights for Grey Goose is some its... Is how I like Svedka, which is comparably priced, and the Wodka was very impressed with both nice... Bottle here in the “ foodie ” raved about the food sobieski vodka review and it ’ s Polish so... And both are lower in price than Square one, and website in this browser the! And smooth vodka Region Poland ABV 40 % ABV vodka from the fields of Mazowsze and from. The reviews here from some people fall for it quite effectively ; - ) is Chopin at more than.... ’ re using Bruce Willis sobieski vodka review a great martini and excellent Bloody Mary that... Limit that is light and fruity, with little harshness and not much ) is Chopin more.

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