6 Feb / Aquarius Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/24/08 . Height: Sidenote: The standout performances of the Ocean Dub are the VA's of Shinpachi (Cole Howard) Sarutobi (Ashleigh Ball) Asaemon (Carol Anne Day) NobuNobu (Giles Panton) Saitou (Brad Swaile) Utsuro (Simon Hayama) Yamazaki (Adrian Petriw) and Sakamoto (Andrew Francis) although there isn't a voice actor alive who could match Shinichiro Miki's laugh Under Gintoki's instruction, he got into the Yorozuya Gin-Chan and wrote "Zura" next to the Shogun's body to frame Katsura Kotarou. Yamazaki was one of the Shinsengumi officers to protect a Shogun double in Edo, questioning about Okita's whereabouts. Sagaru Yamazaki Shouyou's descilps , betrayed by one another ,see how your life will ends here Shiro Yaksha by the hand of your beloved one. " Seeing him at the brink of death, Utsuro (at that time Yoshida Shouyou and still part of the Naraku), calling himself the reason for Oboro's injuries and losses, didn't wan… Tetsuharu OHTA is best known for voice acting Kusuo MASUKODERA from Armed Girl’s Machiavellism, Sagaru YAMAZAKI from Gintama, Jon BURNELL from Baccano!, Catherine from Maken-ki!, and Chikanaro from Utawarerumono. As the epitome of plainness, he actually surpasses Shimura Shinpachi. Prior to the Shinsengumi being officially established, he was a punk. In the King of Fighters series, as he was trashing another dojo, Yamazaki met Billy Kane. 山崎 退 Toushirou would also order Yamazaki to assassinate him but in the end Yamazaki wrote a school like an essay with no crucial information. Terms Hours later, his body is later recovered and rebuilt (with his memories erased as well) into a Cyborg named "Mobcop". 1 Notice at Collection Japanese VA: Weekly Shounen Jump Chief Editor 週刊少年ジャンプ編集長, https://gintama.fandom.com/wiki/Yamazaki_Sagaru?oldid=67114, According to Sorachi, Yamazaki's first name, Sagaru, means "Take a step back, view things calmly and deal with them.". In an undercover mission, Yamazaki suffered from a mental breakdown due to eating anpan for a whole month. Prior to the Shinsengumi being officially established, Yamazaki was known as "Mountain Zaki", who sported a mohawk and ran a small gang. Because of that he was accused by Hijikata for eating the takoyaki the evidence is in Yamazaki's face. Tomokazu Sugita (杉田 智和, Sugita Tomokazu, born October 11, 1980 in Saitama Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actor and narrator employed by AGRS. Romanized Name: Once, while trying to attack Kondo and his group, he realized their powress and started to redeem himself under Kondo's wisdom and guidance. Though the actor is different, the voiceover for Shouyou in the first live-action movie is done by his anime voice-actor Kōichi Yamadera (the actor's face is never shown so it works out). The place was set on fire and Oboro crawled outside with his last breaths. But, while pretending to celebrate their accomplishment, the rest of the characters end up throwing them off a building, returning their rankings to normal. Hideaki Sorachi wanted to do the series based on the Shinsengumi. Yamazaki refused at first, but after terribly mauling one of the warriors, he felt an adrenaline rush through his blood. During the war, he is deceased, but ends up revived as a cyborg 2 years later. Be Forever Yorozuya Although he hid and remained traumatised by the horrible incident, he was found by an assassin and got severely injured. So Hijikata prepares for the seppuku for Yamazaki. However, his obsessive tendency and his inclination to write whatever he is thinking often take over, and he ends up repeatedly writing the same words sometimes (which was how his crush on Tama was discovered). The exploding dull figurine allows the three men, including Yamazaki, to reveal it's true colors. Animation Studio: Sunrise. Clint Bickham (movie)Adrian Petriw (Gintama°), "Whether we're called insurgents or loyal retainers, we don't really care. Later, in the lines of the Shinsengumi-Jouishishi alliance, he opened the way for the others and attacked the Naraku from behind with Elizabeth and Saitou. Hideaki Sorachi declared that he is a big fan of them. By the time the Tendoshuu intervened the battle against the Kiheitai in Iga and announced Nobu Nobu as the new Shogun, he arrived there as a part of Shige Shige's allies. Takashi Mikako not only does a great job voicing Sadaharu but she also gives her voice to Terakado Tsuu. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence. Yamazaki Ansai (山崎 闇斎, 1619–1682), Japanese philosopher and scholar. He is often given (forced into) different hairstyles, including but not limited to mohawk, afro, and hair parted and dyed blond for gags. … Japanese Name: Tetsuharu Ōta Cyborg but Otae refuses then bitten up to bits by Otae. On Geese's orders, Billy requested the broker's participation in the tournament. There is little difference except for having longer hair (which were tied into pigtails) and a bust. Male Posted 12/21/10 , edited 12/21/10 . Volume: Later, on New Year's Eve, he even sent the, Of Gintama characters is he the most prone to be used to make fun of famous action movies. Permalink Reply Quote. Having seen Tama leaving a pudding (instead of Tokugawa Shige Shige's body) at the door of the Shinsengumi's headquarter, Yamazaki went to the "Robo Girl Confessional," asking Gintoki if Tama had feelings for him. Permalink Reply Quote. Japanese English Korean German Spanish French Italian Brazilian Hungarian. However, during stakeouts, he tries to limit his diet by eating only anpans with milk. As a child, everyone in Oboro's home except for him got killed by the Naraku. Chapter 22. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Past Yamazaki pretends to try to cheer Shinpachi up, but then is 'attacked' in an embarrassing way lowering his ranking further. Your Favorite Gintama Seiyuu (voice actor/actress) Member. He looks quite plain compared to more colorful Shinsengumi members. Once Shinpachi mentioned Kondou's absence, Yamazaki and the two officers became extremely scorn, and he spits on the floor, lamenting his Commander's major screentime. He was one of the hooligans recruited into the original form of the Shinsengumi. Yamazaki is often caught by Hijikata playing badminton by himself, and he is subsequently beaten. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Gintama on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Lesson 5 (human)Lesson 673 (Cyborg) Despite all this, Yamazaki still often at times get ignored and unnoticed. He and Shinapchi had a heart-to-heart talk over this, and during that talk, they raise their ranking to the number one spot. Yamazaki or Yamasaki (written: 山崎) is the 22nd most common Japanese surname. BlackBlonde (Two Years Arc)Green (Younger) Weight: In Episode 62, the anime parodies the anime/manga series Prince of Tennis substituting its protagonist, Ryoma Echizen, for Yamazaki in a burlesque game of badminton. In the past, he was a punk and called himself "Mountainzaki" (マウンテン殺鬼). Professional Status His best ability is infiltration and surveillance. Titles: Check out which anime shares the same voice cast! Yamazaki parody "Prince of Tennis" character with a badminton racket, Yamazaki off-duty outfit as well as in Be Forever Yorozuya, Yamazaki and the Shinsengumi members looking at, Yamazaki making a sparkling anpan while throwing it into, Yamazaki before the Shinsengumi was established in, Yamazaki converted into a cyborg two years after the war. As he attempted to bring Kondou back, Yamazaki tugged him until he drops a Justaway, causing it to explode. During the Silver Soul Arc, after the Shinsengumi return along with Yamazaki. He views this dietary restriction as an act of sacrifice to the myriad of gods for a successful operation (or as what the detective dramas universally say...) even though he would rather eat curry, katsudon or yakiniku. Thanks to his nondescript nature, he can study his targets without them noticing him and is capable of thinking tactics based around this ability. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. He nearly dies during this arc, but Kawakami Bansai allows him to getaway. In episode 62 he was caught saying … Anime Voice Comparison- Sagaru Yamazaki (Gintama) - YouTube

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